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One Adult                                                                740.50

Each additional adult                                                580.75

Young Adult (age 18-24)                                          414.90

Each Junior                                                             166.00

Family Maximum                                                   1876.20

Family Package                                                     1340.15

2 adults, 1 child under 18 yr.                            


Weekdays                                             19.00                                                                                     

Weekend/Holiday                                  25.25                                                                                     

Junior **                                              12.00                                                                                     

**Juniors can have a guest during Junior Priority time only.

Individuals who reach their eighteenth (18) birthday by January 1, 2016 or whose twenty-fourth (24) birthday is anytime in 2016, qualify for a special tennis fee and have full adult priority.  Tennis juniors whose ninth (9) birthday is any time during 2016 or whose eighteenth (18) birthday is any time in 2016.  There will be no fee for children under the age of nine (9) but they will have no priority on the courts. To insure priority, they would have to pay the Junior Fee.** Juniors can have guests during junior priority time only.

It is the responsibility of registered members to insure that all tennis members including juniors, are familiar and comply with the dress codes and priorities as outlined in the Club Roster. Only flat bottom tennis shoes are allowed on the courts. No black bottom sneakers, running shoes, basketball sneakers, rollerblades or skateboards are allowed on our tennis courts since they can do substantial damage.

All tennis members must be registered by completing the form below and returning it to the club. Registrations received  after you have used the courts will carry a 15% penalty. No fees will be prorated.

All guests must be registered at the tennis shack or the office prior to play. If any guest plays prior to sign-up, there will be a fine of $50. Non-club members are allowed to play as guests 5 times a year. Club members are allowed to be guests 3 times per year.  Paid membership is required for participation on Club tennis teams.

Refund Policy

If paid in full pre 4/15, but a withdrawal pre 4/15 for any reason: full refund or deferral.

If after 4/15 but on or before 5/1, and withdrawal only for injury, debilitating illness, moving out of the area (i.e., some substantial reason) at Board’s discretion, 75% refund or deferral.

If after 5/1 but on or before 5/15, and withdrawal only for injury, debilitating illness, moving out of the area (i.e., some substantial reason) at Board’s discretion, 50% refund or deferral.

If after the 15th but on or before Friday of the Memorial Day weekend, and withdrawal only for injury, debilitating illness, moving out of the area (i.e., some substantial reason) at Board’s discretion for any reason, 25% refund or deferral.

No refund after Saturday of Memorial Day weekend



ADULT NAMES                                                   JUNIOR NAMES                                        DATE OF BIRTH (JR. ONLY)

______________________                                 _______________________                                                  _________


_______________________                               _______________________                                                  _________


_______________________                               _______________________                                                  _________


________________________                            _______________________                                                   _________


________________________                            _______________________                                                  _________

# ADULTS____                                  # JUNIORS____                      FAMILY MEMBERSHIP___

 All tennis members in the family are familiar with the rules, dress codes and priorities as published in the Club roster and agree to abide by them.


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